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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas cancelled

Hello T, B-T readership,

Ring all the bells, sound the alarums and light the mentholated candles - the Wigmores have sickened. Christmas was a waking nightmare of binge eating, terrible exposure and fluids of unimaginable viscosity. This will be a short blog post - normal service will resume once we regain full functionality of the legs and brain.

It hasn't been all bad - despite my mean-spirited attack on my kith and kin last post, Ma took pity on me and drove up to Norwich on Christmas Eve to bring me home to Ashford. So here I sit, propped up by pillows on my grandmother's royal blue leather sofa, tapping noisily into her royal blue Dell laptop. 

Wigmore B remained in the flat. I have known for some time that she will never leave, at least for the foreseeable future. She doesn't do well with change. She finds it difficult when the weather alters or making a journey to the kitchen. Still, the plan was that she'd update the blog while I had a pleasing yule-based break. Of course, and inevitably, she has caught the same bug and is now mewling and Twittering and doing sod all. I suppose it's much like when a baby contracts its first illness - it must be confusing and fury-making to have your body consistently betray you.Though she wouldn't let me help and though the slightest movement triggers my gag reflex's merry dance,  I half wish I could return to her. Instead, I am watching films and googling the many many flu-based viral infections that could cause harm to the foetus, staring them down, making them fiction.


Catfish, Truth & Transmedia.
Saw this movie with Ma and we need to talk. Wigmore B will whip something up shortly. Meanwhile, it's trailer time:

LINK: Should I Self-Publish? A Motherfucking Checklist by Chuck Wendig.
Traditional publishing could be too slow for Transmedia projects. I like money. I am also impatient. And clearly industry-based legitimacy is not a huge concern for a pregnant deperate nobody with a slimy clone twin to support. Transmedia is so new, the rules are in flux -why not go rogue? I used to think self-published authors were primarily about elves and unicorn-based incest narratives. Now I'm coming round to an idea where the worker controls the means of production.

LINK: 2011: A Year Of Transmedia Epiphany from
I find this article hopeful and depressing in about equal measure. Any mention of Garry Marshall will do that to a person. Still, it's nice to see something, anything Transmedia that isn't tied to zombies or aliens.

Also exciting: Lane Weiler's Pandemic. which is to be shown at 2011's Sundance.
A story told with:
1 short film
1 magazine
1 koala
5 secret locations
10 scares
12 totems
60 story artifacts
50 mobile phones
5,000 bottles of water
40,000 people
50,000 photos
3.2 million points of data

The year ahead looks good. I may die. I have some plans. Thank you for your continued patience.