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Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Ballad Of Wigmore & Hollister Co. PART FOUR: Meta Data

The Ballad Concludes.
Part One --- Part Two --- Part Three

John & Meta Hollister sailed to Los Angeles in 1919, and in the late fall they were married. their son, John M. Hollister, Jr., was born in the spring of 1920. John Sr. spent the next two years discovering California and himself. His lust for the sea and the South Pacific not diminished; he decided to turn that love into a business venture.

It is easy to discover yourself in a changing room.
It is a place for reflection.

Know that because of the vigilance of beautiful teenage boys in cuffed jeans, you have failed to get the money shot of many salesgirls in hotpants.

Consider your own pale legs in aforementioned hotpants. The white billow of your stomach.

Please evoke lust for the sea. 

Perhaps employ Dutch angles to make yourself look thinner.

Wikihow's How To Look Like A Hollister Girl (for girls)
Point #6 
Be happy. Smile and talk to everyone. Don't hold grudges and don't judge people by their appearance. I know sometimes the Hollister workers do but those workers are not liked by everyone. Remember to be confident in what you wear and make sure it's comfortable. Most of the models wear their clothes by comfort, but it always looks stylish.

His lust for the sea and the South Pacific is undiminished.

Eu haere ia oe by Paul Gaugin (1893)
Paul Gaugin introduced syphilis to Tahiti, but this is not your concern.

In 1922 John Sr. founded Hollister Co. in Laguna Beach. Hollister Co. began as a small trading company that sold imported goods from the South Pacific: hand-crafted furniture, jewelry, linens, and artifacts from all the islands.

Consider: the now familiar colonial wallpaper. Observe the parrots mocking you.

In 1953 John Jr. took the helm and the business has evolved as each new family member has taken control. an avid and
now legendary surfer, John Jr. expanded the company to include surf apparel and equipment.

Hollister Co. is a story of passion, youth and love of the sea. it carries the harmony of romance, beauty, adventure and today is the lifestyle brand for those with an insatiable lust for adventure – both on land and off.


alice emma said...

Thanks for going into these places so we don't have to.
So I was looking at the "cheeky cousin" of the Abercrombie & Fitch family, the Aussie Gilly Hicks, and they say of their sweatpants 'every pair is designed with a cheeky butt fit, for the hottest look on campus'. Any clue?

modal said...

I think I will show this to my daughter who is 14 and a girl. I wonder what her reaction will be, we shall see

RAS said...

i really enjoyed this little series! you perfectly articulated everything that skeeves me out about hollister (and populist prep clothing stores in general). it was a pleasure reading it!

RAS said...

well, pleasure and a bit of a bummer, of course.. lol